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WA Police Historical Society (Inc) Contact details

President David Lampard   +61 438 080 916
Vice President Al Finnegan
Treasurer  Carol Vernon
Secretary  Lena Wiggerman
General Committee    Mike Dean
General Committee Russell Armstrong
General Committee Mike Deephouse

Webmaster: 2006 retired Senior Sergeant 4891, Peter William Thomas DipPhot


Please note: - Our office is staffed Tuesdays and Fridays from 0900 hrs to 1500 hrs.

Contact may be by telephone +61 8 9328 3691, an answering service is available outside of these hours.



Address 57 Lincoln St Highgate WA 6003

PO Box 471 Mt Lawley 6929 (all postal inquiries)


Research fees may apply commensurate with information supplied


WA Police Historical Society’s Committee 2022/2023


President  Dave Lampard  Retired 1/C Sgt 4717.WA Police Officer Jan 1, 1973, to October 31, 2004

WAPU Councillor and Director 1996 to 2004.WAPU Industrial Officer, Safety Officer Field Officer Nov 2004 to Nov 2017. WAPHS member from 2004, Vice President from 2019-2022.

Interest in the history of the WA Police its officers and the WA Police Union. Police Motorcycles and the WA Police Diving Squad.  

It is of critical importance that the WA Police Force and State Government join the WAPHS in a partnership to ensure that WA police history is preserved. 

Vice President      Al Finnegan  Retired Sergeant 6783

Treasurer  Carol Vernon  Retired Sergeant 6428


My interest in Police History has been partially because it is a large part of my personal history but also the history of my friends and one known family member, my maternal great grandfather. Sadly he never lived to see me enter the WA Police Force on 01/03/1982 as part of School 2/82.

My police career was rich in fun and laughter with likeminded colleagues while we attended many varied jobs, operations and served the community. I had the privilege to train, mentor and supervise the subsequent generations of Police.

I met my own goal of helping people and continue to do so. I retired on 26th July 2018.

Secretary              Lena Wiggerman

General Committee   Mike Dean APM  Retired Senior Sergeant 4873

Joined in 1973 after being a cadet. Retired from WA Police twice 2018 & 2009. (Long Story)

Special Promotion to Inspector 2009 (Another Long Story). 44 years all together as Uniform Officer and Detective, Country and City. 13 years as President WA Police Union.

Interested in all things Policing and WA Political History. I am proud of my Service and I have a great respect for all serving, retired and ex-Police. It is a noble profession, and its critical that our history be preserved.

Special Promotion to Inspector 2009 (Another Long Story). 44 years all together as Uniform Officer and Detective, Country and City. 13 years as President WA Police Union. 

General Committee   Russell Armstrong Retired Inspector 4539

I started my WA Police career as a Cadet from 1967 and have fond memories of working at the Lincoln Street VKI and Radio Techies complex.1969 to 1971.

l will include a more detailed account of the premises in a future edition of the    Peelers Gazette.

Having served 46 years in the job with a long-time association with the WA Police Union as President, Vice President and Senior Vice President, Councillor and Director.

Always grateful of the work of the WA Police Historical Society and hope to be able to contribute to the objects and goals in the future. 

General Committee   Mike Deephouse Resigned Constable 5007